2023, September

Participated in the inauguration ceremony at the Chambers of Commers, Stockholm of India’s introduction of ”Time for India” business development.

2023, August

Aqua-Q was invited by CII India to make a remote presentation at India’s G-20 Summit at New Delhi Lalit Hotel. Aqua-Q made a presentation of the innovation AQUATRACK® real-time monitoring and sampling system and AQUA-RENOVATE™ an oxidation polishing process which can remove micro pollutants like pharmaceutical residues, pathogenes, pesticides and residual organics in water. To counteract water scarcity by safe reuse of water.

2023, April

Participated in AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) at Swedish Embassy in New Delhi, India

2019, May


2018, November

Received funding from Vinnova for demonstration of  AQUATRACK and AQUA-REUSE

2018, November

Aqua-Q will participate in Water Knowledge Europe 2018 in Brussels Nov. 28-29.

2018, October

Aqua-Q has been interviewed by a local radio station, for our gold award at International Water Association in Tokyo.

2018, September

Participated in Clean Ganga Europe Desk Conference in Brussels Sept 27.

2018, September

Aqua-Q will participate in IWA World Water Congress in Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 16-21 as one of the winners of the 2018 IWA Project Innovation Awards. Aqua-Q was awarded Gold price.

 2018, September

Aqua-Q will participate in EIC Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, Germany Sept. 10-11.

2018, June

Participated in Water Innovation Europe in Brussels June 13-14.

2018, May-October

Received EU SME Instrument 1 finance for AQUA-REUSE 

2018, Mars

Participated in Water Market Europe in Brussels, Mars 21.

2017, November

Participated in WssTP Brokerage Event in Brussels Nov. 29-30.

2017, September

Aqua-Q will participate in Porto Innovation Week September 24-30 and will present AQUATRACK, early warning system for water.

2017, June

Final brochure for AQUATRACK® and Ozone Polishing in the R3Water project, Reuse of water in the circular economy. The full brochure can be seen at R3Water.

2017, June 5

Receives the most prestegious award National Energy Globe Award 2017 for its outstanding innovative achievement on real-time optical monitoring & sampling solution for quality control of drinking water & water for reuse & simultaneously removing pharmaceutical residues & pathogens in water by ozone polishing system.

2016, December 20

AQUATRACK® has got EU ETV ECO innovation approval for the technology real time monitoring and sampling for pathogen detection in water. AQUATRACK® is validated for 3 water matrixes; drinking water, source/lake water and treated waste water.

What is EU ETV? Please see link. AQUATRACK® technology see link.

2016, November 15-17

Please visit us at the iWater Barcelona

2016, September 27-29

Please visit us at the ”VA-Mässan” Water and Wastewater Fair in Linköping, Sweden

2016, July 12

Installation of AQUATRACK® at the waste water treatment plant in La Bisbal d’Empordá (Girona) Spain.

2016, June 22

WssTP Water Innovation Europe Award 2016

2016 January

EIP Water R3Water technology fact sheet_AQUATRACK_final_160128


2015, July 6

Artikel_läkemedelsrester_150630. This article about removal of pharmaceutical residues is in Swedish, but please contact us for information in English.

2015, June 26

Information of AQUATRACK, MBS MultiReader for immediate detection of contaminats in water.

2015, January 15

Demonstration of Aquatrack™ and treatment of water to remove pharmaceutical residues at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Stockholm

2014, December 1

R3 Cross Cutting Issue Workshop, Brussels.

2014, August

Aqua-Q’s report with title Monitoring, investigation and analysis of pathogens in MBR treated water at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, Stockholm. IVL report C39 MBR report.

2014, June 3

Site visit at Castel d’Aro waste water plant in Spain our demo site for the R3 project.

2014, February 11

Kick-off for the EU project R3 Water, for more info klick here.

2014, January 10

Signed a Strategic Agreement of cooperation and marketing with IVL China.  This agreement will help Aqua-Q to penetrate the Chineese market.

2013, December 10

Participated in a seminar Morgondagens Vattenrening arranged by IVL and Sveriges Ingenjörer and presented a paper.

2013, November 22-23

Participated in an international Membran Conference at CSIR at Kolkata and presented a paper.

2013, 24-26 October

Participated in CII’s Flagship Event Green Building Congress in Chennai and presented a paper on real time monitoring of water.

2013, April 12

Installation of real time monitoring system at the demo site of Hammarby Sjöstadsverk in the project “Morgondagens Kommunala Vattenrening”

2013, April 

Aqua-Q’s project recognized as Eurostar project.
Aqua-Q together with IVL Stockholm and an Israeli company, PML have been granted funding from the Eurostar program for a 2 years R&D project. The project deals with technologies from the three partners.