Aqua-Q is a Swedish cleantech entrepreneurial export oriented company and is active in the water and wastewater industry since 1992 and has extensive experience in investigations in different water qualities and have performed many successful laboratory and pilot testing with ozone water treatment. Aqua-Q’s knowledge lies in unique mixing of ozone gas in water, measurement of ozone gas concentration and measurement of dissolved ozone in water disinfection/sterilisation process and have several ozone application innovations. One of such innovative application relates to removal of pharmaceutical residues and elimination of parasites in treated water. The foundation of the company lies in collaboration with customers, researchers, universities and institutions.

Aqua-Q’s philosophy is to provide state of the art processed solutions that is user friendly, accurate, proven, robust and cost-effective to the water and waste water treatment plants.

The idea for the current development/product ’Early Warning System for drinking water” started in 2002/2003 in view of the risks of parasite outbreaks in drinking water in Sweden. The report from our study is published in the Swedish Water’s website, Report No 2003/48. Since then, various parasitic outbreak have shaken the Swedish communities and the issue has come into focus.

2012 our first product ”Early Warning System for drinking water” introduced in Sweden at Hammarby Sjöstadsverk, a research and demonstration test bed owned by IVL and KTH. Aqua-Qs market potential lies in some of the the progressive markets in the world like India, China, Brazil besides Europe.