Aqua-Q is a Swedish cleantech private company with more that 20 years of experience from the Swedish water plants and industries. We develop and market innovative products and process to insure safe and clean water to be used for drinking, treated waste water and for reuse purpose. By adopting our system water borne outbreaks can be known by the operators in time so that immediate actions is taken and the consequences can be minimized. The system can also be used to optimize the process.

We also provide modular ozone disinfection systems. We have a patented system for killing of Legionella bacteria in water systems and point of use disinfection. Applicable to showers, hand wash and dentists.We have a patented system for cold water disinfection with ozone to verify and disinfect the cleanliness of tanks and pipes. Applicable to dairy, brewery and bottle water manufacturing industries.


Aqua-Q was founded in 1992 by Ulla and Sudhir Chowdhury.The innovated products and process solutions are originating from their extensive experience as consultants from Swedish municipal water plants and industries. Their unique knowledge and experience create the very foundation of Aqua-Q.

Nikhil Mahant is responsible for international marketing.

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Our mission is early detection of microbiological contamination and sampling in drinking water, source water, treated waste water and water for reuse. We have also ozone polishing system which removes pharmaceutical residues and pathogens at the same time.

Quality is never compromised


Our vision is that one day real time monitoring and sampling will be de facto standard world wide in water treatment plants.