Aqua-Q a Cleantech applied research company from Stockholm with many years of experience from the Swedish water and waste water municipal treatment plants and has developed the world’s first on-line monitoring and sampling Early Warning System, AQUATRACK™ for drinking water in Sweden.

AQUATRACK™ for the monitoring of water for reuse, recycling, treated waste water, source water and drinking water is a Swedish innovation and is an unique Internet-based communication system that can quickly communicate with various agencies and water operational managers. The system is a fully automated, accurate, fast and sensitive measurement system that operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The system provides preventive information on technical breakdown, infiltration of surface water, overflow of treated and untreated waste water into collecting systems and changes in water quality that may present a risk of biological growth and chemical contamination in water production and distribution process. AQUATRACK™ saves energy and protects the environment.

”Clean and Safe Water is of vital concern to Everyone!”


To prevent parasites in water is our focus